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  1. Nizar Ali

    Affiliates Wanted Black Friday at PureVPN - $100 Bonus Inside + Black Friday Discount

    Hello Guys! Are you geared up to earn $$$ on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? VPN is a billion dollars industry, so why not be a part of it and start earning money with us! How about starting with a $100 Bonus? All you have to do is, refer us a minimum of 10 sales (Approved) within 30 days of...
  2. Sunday swart

    Co Partners Needed on a Deal and Coupon site

    Hello Affiliates! I have finished creating a niche Deal site. As deal site needs partnership. If you are ready or you know any humbled person that will be willing to work with me, please leave a message. Note the person must be familiar with Wordpress, marketing and affiliates sales. We...
  3. FXORO Affiliates

    Looking For WEBMASTERS - Financial, Forex, Binary

    Dear Webmasters, FXORO has launched special promotional conditions for Webmasters who own websites with Financial, Forex or Binary content. For your attention FXORO is a licensed broker and our Affiliate Program offers up to $1,000 CPA per qualified trader. For more information you can...
  4. FrankZ

    Selling HOT DEAL!! I SELL STARTAPP ACCOUNT WITH $45USD of balance!!!!!

    Hello everyone :affiliatefix:: So today I am selling my startapp account, as the title says it has balance on it, here´s a screenshot so that you guys can check it out: For those who don´t know what startapp is you can see the info on their page, here´s the link Home - StartApp But...
  5. A

    Affiliates Wanted $225 CPA from 888poker!

    888poker has always known how to keep your players interested, bringing new fun every time. For the next nine days only, if you can attract five new players, you'll get $225 CPA for 888poker for the whole of July! Remember, this offer ends on 30th June. Time is running out on this amazing...
  6. A

    Affiliates Wanted Win-Win. A Foolproof Deal for Euro 2016

    Let’s celebrate summer 2016 with a special month of amazing promotions. All of June is dedicated to our newest brand - Winner Sports. That means extra rewards and promotions during the hottest European sports event this summer – Euro 2016. Right now Winner Sports is already one of the top...