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    Looking For Looking for Adult and Dating PPL SOI offers

    Hello Affiliate network Or Advertiser I'm Looking for Adult, Dating and mainstream Dating offers. My traffic Source is SEO with my OWN website. Also I have a lot of Experience in working with those offers. Now a days I'm looking for Some offers Here is the List: Harem (UK) (CPL) (Personal...
  2. YamiLeads

    Looking for new traffic partners!

    YamiLeads is looking for traffic! :D CPA, CPL We have offers in the following verticals: Dating, Crypto, Casino, Sweeps, VOD - WW Geos. Crypto and Casino - direct, with best brokers. We are on a shorthand with Dating adverts and can find you the best deal ;) Traffic sources: social, native...
  3. K

    Affiliates Wanted Searching for affiliates

    Hey guys! I am looking for affiliates for an affiliate network -, a well established one, working on the CPA model. Our offers are adult dating ones, they are over 12.000, for many different countries. The payments are on weekly basis, with 50$ minimum and can be transferred...