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  1. S

    If there was a CRM that could split your leads automatically between your clients....

    Hello everyone, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please answer the poll:) Thank you!
  2. K

    Benefits of a CRM for your business

    CENTRALIZE ALL CUSTOMER INFORMATION IN A SINGLE DATABASE The use of this tool facilitates the insertion of records in an organized and common to the entire company which allows us to obtain a complete and global view of our databases, whether current, past or potential customers. IMPROVE...
  3. CRM Singapore

    I am New! I'm Donnelly.

    Hello, I am Donnelly Houston. I'm glad I'm already part of this forum. I am a technology enthusiast. So looking forward to sharing and gain more knowledge through this forum so we can all learn together. My background is I am a writer of a business that offers CRM Singapore software. Hope you...
  4. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Dynamic Micro Segmentation Daily Leads + CRM Included (5 Custom Leads List)

    A unique solution that allows us to provide you a customised data flow with new records based on your unique needs on dynamic micro-segmentation from 1,000s of consumers registrations worldwide Get Started - The Data is synced and uploaded daily to your...
  5. transyndicate

    Hi. We turn affiliates into advertisers

    our mission? turn affiliates into advertisers. launch your own offer in less than 30 days. prices start at $2.5k
  6. Ross Bartlett

    Hello from an Application Developer

    My name is Ross Bartlett. I have been a web developer for over 20 years, and as of recently an online application developer. I developed the Open D Engagement CRM application ( designed to help SMEs better engage with and build better online relationships with their audiences...
  7. Jeff_Z

    Looking For Programmer for coreg real-time lead posting to CRM

    We are looking to hire a programmer to write a script to handle the following: We are an agency that is working with a coreg company that sends leads to us in real time via URL. We need a script that runs on our domain that processes the leads from the coreg company and then immediately sends...