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  1. Maria Brenner

    Hey there! Maria from Offer Monster - new to the forum.

    My name is Maria Brenner. I'm helping build and manage Offer.Monster: CPA, CPC, Affiliate offer list - a new CPA offer directory and search tool. I recently jointed the AffiliateFix forum as I saw it's a vibrant community where I can learn a lot. I hope that you people will find our product to...
  2. C

    New Here!

    My name is Charlie and I am looking for HQ CPI traffic
  3. Nguyen Truong Giang

    What best way to promote CPI offers without webstore

    Hi, I am newbie on Mobile traffic. I am learning to know how we can promote CPI offers with video ads and button on social source like facebook, instagram , anyone can give me some device or another way . And can we use notification traffic for CPI offers ? and what resource traffic can use for...
  4. Yash Bhandari

    Looking for direct CPI offers providing network

    Hey guys, can anyone help me with list of top paying direct CPI networks or CPA networks with direct CPI offers. I know there is a separate thread but that doesnt tell which ones are providing direct CPI in tier 1 geos Most of them are rebrokering and that's not an issue the issue is their...
  5. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Affiliates Wanted Top CPA Payouts for Top CPA Affiliates

    Hi guys, We're having a great time at Bitterstrawberry, making money and pushing traffic where it matters. Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but we were just chosen the Best International CPA Network and we're trying to stay at the top with TOP CONVERTING CPA offers. Our publishers do great in...
  6. ahmedbre

    Offer Wanted looking for cpi direct offers , for in app traffic ( very high quaity )

    hello folks i'm looking for networks that have direct cpi mobile apps offers , i have very high quality traffic for it ( it will be in app traffic , banners ) can send more than 300k from clicks every day ( unique clicks ) if there please any one told me ^)^ thanks :)
  7. E

    Help me promoting incentive cpi offer

    hi, i am new to cpa marketing. I want to promote incentive cpa offers from the cpa network i have joined. I want promote my offer in cpalead ad, fyber,tapjoy and in other incentive ad network. But, the problem is, the advertiser for example cpalead ads, wants the direct play store link.but, i...
  8. thoithien1993

    Offerstester,com - Best Tool For Checking CPI Offers Tracking Link !

    Hi everyone, Did you try ? I think it's best tool for checking tracking links. You can register free here : offerstester(.)com and check your offers daily. I suggest you should to try it. if you want discuss about offerstester , feel free to discuss with me here ! Best regards, Lee
  9. J

    I'm with Mozoo!! We are looking for direct CPI, CPL, CPA Offers

    Hi Everybody! I'm very excited to now be a part of the AffiliateFix Community :) Mozoo is a mobile performance network with LOTS of great publishers and offers. I work on the advertiser side and am currently looking for direct offers our publishers can run. We work with many great media...