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  1. moneydrop2021

    Maximum CPC Based On Affiliate Commissions

    Considering the current high cost per click, what risk management strategies are you implementing? Historically, I've typically capped the maximum bid at 1% to 3% of the commission. For instance, if the commission is $20.00, my maximum bid per click would range from $0.20 to $0.60. Additionally...
  2. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Case Study Make $935 on Sweepstakes this Christmas! [Case study]

    Today we present a case study for everyone who runs push ads campaigns or just started working with it. This text was shared by our client who has been working in affiliate marketing for several years. In this article, he shares cool tips on how to set up and optimize a sweepstakes campaign for...
  3. Sandro_Kari

    Optimal starting cpc rates for native advertising

    Hi everyone! I did not find a similar thread on the forum and decided to raise such a question. What is the optimal cpc in different native advertising platforms depending on the country. I've been working with Outbrain for a long time and can share my experience (mobile platforms)...
  4. B


    Hello Guyes I started a campaign and i set it up on CPM mode for 0.5$. after launching it i received about 2000 visits but bemob on the cost section is showing me 0$ instead of 1$ !! Any solution ?