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cpa evolution

  1. moniking25

    i have $9000 to invest

    hi I have $9k for investment i want to be successful with cpa networks here is check list i have bought recently i bought Adplixity through affiliatefix i bought hide my ass pro tool for vpn i have bought affiliatefix forum to learn from you guys i have bought domains for landing pages i...
  2. David2017

    CPA Evolution 2.0: Still Relevant Today?

    Hello, William Souza's CPA Evolution 2.0 looks great, but I learnt it was created in 2015, and some of its tips are no longer relevant to the current CPA landscape - so I learnt ( I am trying to verify from this forum). For instance, I learnt that it recommends adveritiing on Plenty of Fish...
  3. moniking25

    Landing Page for cpa offers

    hi everyone i have a simple question about where i can creat a landing page for cpa offers without no skill i need a simple to use tool to creat landing pages for cpa offer it will be good if you guide me about link cloaking some super affiliates use it for fb reviews prosess they redirect the...