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    Ask Me Anything GEOs you should consider in 2022-2023

    If you’ve been reading us for a while, you must know by now we specialize in finding exclusive offers from local advertisers from all over the world. Which means - we know the trends. We believe in expanding your ‘GEO horizons’ and working in any country that has internet coverage. So today we...
  2. WeweMedia

    Complete List of TIERS & Countries

    If you are in the affiliate marketing industry, you are most likely familiar on the different types of TIERS of GEOs that are available. So, for those who doesn’t know the difference, I’ll explain briefly. In the internet marketing industry, we use TIERS to differentiate countries. Commonly, we...
  3. Koro

    Ask Me Anything Ask me about Ukraine

    Hi! my name Alexiy . Alexiy from Ukraine,so if you have questions about my country you can ask me))
  4. Delyte

    Choosing a Country for a campaign

    So people often talk about testing an ad that's successful in a country in similar countries if they work. This made me think about where I should start my first campaign(s). Unfortunately I only speak English, so without a translator I trust, I am limited to English speaking countries. Which...
  5. Elad Cohen

    How do i know what are the best Geos on Airpush? (Geos with a lot of traffic)

    Hi! I would like to pick a mobile offer on Peerfly and promote it on Airpush. How would i know what are the best Geos on Airpush, which ones has a lot of traffic? how can i decide between Mexico, Peru, India or Ireland for example? (in terms of traffic amount and traffic cost)