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  1. henryluxyz

    create new sweepstakes campaign-need help

    hello everybody, I m new to this industry, trying to build my own sweepstakes offer targeting US market. Have studied many articles and asked few people, basically the business rules should be like this: 1. Website 2. System to send and receive leads / tracking 3. Contracts 4. Prospect deals on...
  2. A

    Network Wanted Host&Post affiliate platforms

    Hello ! Could you please recommend some good Host&Post affiliate platforms. We own several leag generation path in the US and in FR and we are looking for Host&post campaigns. Thanks ! A.
  3. Max_Unnik

    New US and UK Sites Launched - Looking for Campaigns to run

    In addition to our many sites/products in the UK, Unnik has just launched several Lead-Gen sites in the US. We are currently looking for traffic partners, as well as new advertisers we can host on our path (Coreg, Host/Post, CPC, CPL, Linkout, etc) Please get in touch if you think that we may...
  4. Edouard Ducray


    Hello Everybody ADTHINK MEDIA IS AN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. We specialize in audience monetization and content publishing services, enabling partner advertisers to achieve their goals by connecting them to millions of advertisers while offering content publishers ways to...