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copy writing

  1. Graybeard

    Sell nutra-diet-weight loss the *easy way*

    The title is clickbate :p However; Read this : What Is Diet Culture? The Reasons Why Diet Culture Is Toxic Find antonyms for some of the words (search thesaurus if you need to understand and find where toget antonyms) Words and the relative density: 'diet'=>51, 'culture'=>38, 'weight'=>30...
  2. AmNovice

    Article Layout & Design

    Hey all, hope you are well! How do you design your article layout? Do you ever do any fancy designs and backgrounds or do you just focus on the copy over a white background and keep it simple? I have detailed copy that's of good quality and now I can't decide if it's necessary for the...
  3. innovativelee

    Viral Election News Site

    Hey Fixers! What are your thoughts on starting an election site and adding affiliate links or cpa offers embedded into the content? News sites such as cnn, buzzfeed, dailybeast, etc does this. In fact, most of these sites have native ads. Politics ignites an inner fire. I don't mind...