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conversion tracking

  1. X

    MaxBounty + PropellerAds Tracking

    Hello. I am new to this form and am liking it so far, this is my first post so hey everyone! I am currently trying to figure out how to setup my PropellerAds + MaxBounty conversion and zone tracking without any trackers, Just SUBIDs and Postback URLS inside PropellerAds and MaxBounty. I...
  2. N

    Tracking affiliate conversion

    With the affiliate advertiser conversion funnel which ends on 3rd party website(of the affiliate program/publisher website) there is a need for 3rd party conversion tracking tool. I am looking for someone to recommend me on such tool Appreciate your assistance !
  3. Jeff_Z

    Buying Set Up Tracking in Prosper202 for Email Campaigns and Then Teach Me How To Do It

    Hello Prosper202 experienced people, I am running email campaigns for lead generation for a direct offer (i.e., the offer comes directly from the advertiser; not from an affiliate network). I have Prosper202 running on a VPS host, but I need someone to set up all the tracking for this using...
  4. mkool27

    Step by step tutorial for setting up conversion/tracking pixel CPA

    Hi Attila, Greetings.. been a silent reader on this forum, still learning. also following your blog even before i joined on this forum. can you guide us to a link on your blog, showing step by step tutorial for setting up conversion tracking pixel. as I always end up in setting up wrongly...
  5. cordrick callaway

    Master CPA Offers

    Hello! CC here, I am here to learn how to master online marketing and learn and get advice from the seasonal marketers. Peace
  6. Yvon

    Adsbridge Help: URL Postback for Conversion

    Hello, Was wondering if someone could help me out here. When I grab my code from Adsbridge and put it into the Global Postback section of my affiliate network, what do I need to put into BOLDED PARTS OF THE URL? Can someone tell me what to put in ...