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  1. LewisRichmond

    Different between Contextual and native ads

    Hi, i'm confuse between this 2 traffic sources, contextual and native ads. Can i know what is the different between these 2?
  2. K

    Traffic - display, email, search, PPC, contextual, mobile

    Hey, Im interested to buy traffic. Accepted traffic: display, email, search, PPC, contextual, mobile Geo US only, English speaking restrictions: No Craiglist or incentive based campaigns, no trademark bidding. PM, for detailed information.
  3. P

    Maxbounty CPA

    Hi , My name is prasun and i am very new to maxbounty.. I have tried several campaign on maxbounty but got nothing out of it. I am currently promoting opt in leads campaign .. i am using Bing PPC using contextual link. I am receiving clicks but when i see my maxbounty reports , I see no...
  4. marketerLevi

    Several CPV sources compared...

    Hello guys I hope the thread title to not be misleading. I am more posting this in hopes for others to chime in on the differences between a few of the top CPV traffic sources. Namely: Zeropark Vs. DNTX: From what I gather from my research, ZP has better traffic quality and quantity, while DNTX...