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cod offer

  1. R

    Direct ecommerce COD advertiser within EU

    Hi! I`m an direct advertiser (ecomm & nutra) of COD offers in Europe. We have been on the market for about 8 years and we have developed more than 400 in-house offers. See some examples of our in-house products: Money Amulet Tactic Pants Squid Game Mask Ceramic Coating Visbella Green Acne...
  2. VivaClicks

    Looking For Nigerian Nutra owner needed

    Looking for a male enhancement offer Cash on delivery/ SS GEO Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana Skype live:.cid.2f31e4fa2cf7ac24
  3. VivaClicks

    Offer Wanted Looking for advertisers with adult nutra offers (male enhancement)

    Hello! I am Alex, develop manager of, network, specialising in adult traffic monetisation. I'm looking for adult nutra offers (male enhancement) for following geo: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, South...
  4. Q

    Affiliates Wanted [VN Adult- Male Enhancement Offer] Payout 13,8$ with Price 28,3$

    Hi Guys, We have Adult offer- (COD offer) with payout super great at 13,8$ in geo Vietnam. Price of product= 28,3$ We have call center of 20 people, could take care up to 1000 lead/ days. Also could commit Approve Rate at least 60% Any interesting? Please email to me
  5. Idvert

    Looking for CPI and COD affiliates.

    Hye, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert Group ltd. (advertiser of COD offers, Affiliate network for CPI Offers) Introduction: Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 9 years of successful operational experience as an Affiliate Network, headquartered in China...
  6. Idvert_Elaine

    Visit Booth A30 in AWA,2018 to win FREE FB Accounts and Spy Tools

    Hi Guys, are you upset for lacking of enough FB accounts or no idea of FB ad creatives? IDVERT, as FB ACCOUNT and SPY TOOL One –Station SaaS provider, will give you a hand!!! Our FB accounts are: Real accounts from real people, not farmed. Payment Solutions included, with the acc owner's...
  7. Operation.Game

    Selling COD Offer Traffic - Looking For Direct Manufacturer

    Hi Mem, I'm Jane from top CPA Affiliate Network in Asia - Interspace Global. We do affiliate business for a decade and now want to look for direct advertiser parner in supplement-nutra product to co-operation. Model Co-Operation: We promote product, Advertiser close deal and delivery COD...
  8. affiliatelk

    Adcombo + Voluum Setup!

    Hi bro, I setup voluum tracker for my adcombo COD (Cash on delivery offer). I did it my self and contact with adcombo manager, voluum representative and my MGID traffic source manager, they said every think is correct with my setup. My adcombo dashboard shows that I got 8 conversions but my...