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  1. Honeybadger

    SEO Click Conversion Rate 25.1% on Fashion

    As everyone is aware that as result of the Covid-19 many people all over the world are shopping for clothing online because a number of things Stores are closed, or People cannot travel to the store, or Changing rooms are closed But demand for fashion clothing is always high, and where its...
  2. webmotions

    Looking For Affiliate products and networks to promote to Spanish (Latin America) Traffic

    I am looking for some affiliate programs and products to promote to my Latin American (Spanish Speaking) followers on my Social media accounts... (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)..
  3. Moon Landers

    New Affiliate On the Market

    Hello, everyone, I am new to this forum, Coming here to expand my business and find some partners to grow together with. I'm sure this journey will be swift and successful! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

    Partners Wanted! For Cryptocurrencies / Fun Niche.

    Hello Everyone! We are selling apparel & accessories for Crypto investors and enthusiasts Take a look at the offer below: High Instant Payouts 30-Day Cookie Exclusive Offers Thank you!
  5. M

    MiA Store Online - New Fashion Store

    Hi to everybody! Let me introduce myself, I am the owner of the new fashion online store, and my name is Milivoj. I'm sure that most of you will have a trouble at pronouncing my name, but you can imagine in your head the best way to pronounce it. :) I created my store on Shopify platform just a...
  6. R

    Retro Au Go Go

    I am a new affiliate to this site and I am chasing some vintage, retro, rockabilly, pinup or hotrod clothing sites to promote...anyone have anything like that? Not wanting to be a snob, but it's a really specific niche when you see our site :)
  7. Hot Potato Clothing

    Introducing Myself

    Hello Guys, We are Hot Potatoe Clothing and we do beautiful, colourful, Mens and Womens T-shirts - handmade in sunny Cyprus! We came to Affiliate Fix as we heard that it is an excellent place for networking and business. We will be happy if we get connected with some of you who deal with...
  8. Waqar Shumail

    Seasoned Affiliate Marketers Required For a Men's Footwear Brand

    Hello All, We are a recently a launched brand for handcrafted leather footwear for men. Please visit our website Gracill to know more about the brand view our collection. We’re looking for seasoned affiliate marketers to generate sales. Below is the detailed description of our brand...