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clickbank niches

  1. Y

    Clickbank Vendor Related Question

    Hey everyone, how are you guys? This is a Clickbank vendor-related question. I have submitted my product for approval. But my product gets disapproved and the reason they told me is - Thank you for your interest in ClickBank. We're sorry, but due to a variety of security precautions we're...
  2. David Mali

    Clickbank Vendor advice

    Hello guys I'm looking for clickbank vendors advice ,, am lunching my first product on clickbank ,, it's about making money with fb ads Anything i should consider before putting it on clickbank marketplace ? I will promote it myself first ... Then let the affiliates do the work
  3. sajid kasmani


    I am new to affiliatefix hows it going guys I am currently working with clickbank + bing Any suggestions about how i can increase my digits currently i am not so good at it Important question is can some one let me know which are the niches which are not saturated on CB need some help...