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  1. Honeybadger

    Affiliate Business --> What will you do new in 2022?

    Looking at the bigger picture often provides more clarity for the job at hand There's lots of things I'm moving towards for next year But from January 1 these are my top 10 must-haves What are yours? Cell Phone Business --> able to run my entire operation from a cell phone Outsourcing -->...
  2. S

    Advertising channels for charities

    Hi been struggling to find a channel that works for charities seeking donations. Is it a lost cause or only works with a strong branding campaign? Emails obviously are not as effective any more. Any advice here appreciated.
  3. L

    Looking for affiliate partners to join our LEETCHI Affiliate Program

    Hi, Glad to join you all! I'm Kasia and I manage affiliate Program in the UK. I'm looking for partners to join our Affiliate Program and promote our service. affiliation (dot) leetchi (dot) com/en About is the leading European crowdfunding and fundraising...
  4. bookfre

    Need suggestions and ideas for my charity website on books

    Hello, All! I am running a website with charity purpose where people including students, poor scholars etc can download their needy contents like books etc. website is running and I'm posting books from my store, but want to embed book for those who can't even download so that they can read...