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    Partnership CPAlead_com - Are you there ?

    Hello, I've tried to get in contact with this companies management, but there is no response on my emails, calls, and "contact-us" form as well. I would like to speak with best person from this network, maybe some of you could put me in contact with someone from this network ? Much...
  2. K

    Buying Traffic Job related traffic

    Hello, Im interested to buy "Job related traffic" Target audience: Males and Females 18-55 y.o. (English Speaking. USA Traffic ONLY) We are working on CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per sale) basis. Please let me know if you have something for me. Thank you!
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    Affiliates Wanted KidsCasting

    Hello ! My name is Kristers Grinbergs and I am representing Casting Dynamics LLC. I got very special offer for you ! It’s been a huge SUCCESS for selected affiliates who got on board already ! So the special offer is - Get $ 50 for each new customer who purchases any...
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    Greetings from Kristers Grinbergs !

    Hello ! My name is Kristers Grinbergs, and I represent Casting Dynamics LLC. So, I decided to join this forum because it seems that here is a lot of useful information, many guides, smart affiliate marketers, and a lot of experts. I hope that here I meet new business partners to corporate...