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  1. affani

    Buying Traffic I'm interested in buying traffic CPL

    I have a CPL Dating offer and I want good traffic from USA who is interested in writing to us.
  2. Julia

    Looking for adult-site publishers.

    Hello there, ADxAD is the leading Ad Network that helps Publishers maximize their online inventory revenue. We are ready to buy your banner spots in all geo directions and can offer the best price. We would like to buy NTV-A and mobile header spots on your website. Also, we are interested in...
  3. Raimundas M

    KubikAds - PPC Ad Network

    Benefits for Advertisers: Cheap clicks (CPC starting at $0.01). Minimum deposit: $10. Deposit using PayPal, Debit Card or Credit Card. Affiliate friendly All verticals are accepted: Bizzop/Work from home, Weight loss, Muscles, Dating, Adult, Casino/Gambling/Poker, Crypto Currency, Gaming...
  4. dusanandrle

    Real traffic sources

    Hey all, i am looking for new trafic sources (Facebook, AdSense etc. we have ... I'm looking for another way) for my projects. I've found many sources where to buy traffic, but also many bad reviews. I have a few selected sources that interested me, can I know your opinions? Real traffic, will...
  5. Adam777

    What's the best paid traffic provider

    I want to promote my adults dating smartlink from my affiliate network. That's DOI and GEO worldwide. Now I want to buy adults dating traffic for sign up. Anyone can help for giving me advice what is/are the good paid dating traffic provider.
  6. C

    Buying Traffic What is the best push ads network with low deposit for advertisers

    Hello comrades please help me to know the best push ads net work with low deposit to run my ads because most of them stars at 100 USD So if you know any with low deposit budget but with good results please tell me thanks guys
  7. Affmy

    Buying Traffic Gay Traffic wanted

    If you have GAY traffic - sell it to us. And you'll get a lot of money, good erection and happiness. :cool: Please ping us on skype - live:affmy_1
  8. phil adxxx

    Want to buy Asian adult display/mobile traffic

    Looking for adult traffic from Asia country. Can buy flat rate spots or CPM/CPC (see geos). PM with details if you have something to offer. We guarantee: - JS or Iframe support - CPC/CPM - 100% safe feed (no malware, no adware and etc.) - Mobile and Desktop inventory - content which is...
  9. PropellerAds

    Hot Desktop and Mobile Traffic Opportunities

    Hello dear AffiliateFix Members! Are you guys ready for big profits? Now we will regularly share with you the list of hot trending desktop and mobile traffic segments, to help you scale your campaigns and to increase your ROI significantly. No need to waste time and to look for new advertising...
  10. Julia Tubecorporate

    The highest CPM rates for everyone!

    Got tube or image traffic? Earn stable money in adult industry! Our primary goal is to secure maximum earnings and tools usability for our traffic sellers, that is why we created innovative pricing methods per each country and device, as well as provided unique statistic analysis, so our...
  11. D


    How to find or buy incentive or no incentive cpi have someone tell me ? If have better suggestions contact me
  12. PropellerAds

    Selling Traffic Android, iOS and Desktop traffic from #1 PopUnder Ad Network

    Hello everyone, Looking for quality traffic to your website, CPA offers or mobile app promotion? Welcome to the new Self-Service Advertising Platform from PropellerAds! Why us? Global ad network PropellerAds is a #1 player in the popunder advertising industry. We started up in 2011 and are now...
  13. K

    Buying Traffic Buying bulk uk traffic

    Hi all we`re looking for UK traffic /banking/financial/ niche . please pm us offers/rates/questions etc .
  14. Phuonghtn

    Buying Traffic Vietnam Non incent Traffic for Magic Age

    Hey everyone, I wanna buy traffic for this app, ping me if you can :D Or feel free to contact me via skype: live:namphuong18 Game title : Magic Age Description : Non Incentive for android and ios Geo : Vietnam Adv Payout : for android $0.65 and for iOS $0.9 Campaign start : 7 December 2015...