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  1. Honeybadger

    YouTube Question

    I am subscribed to over 200 YouTube channels Nearly 50 of them are official Google channels I want to create a new subscriptions list needs to have around 30 channels only containing the channels of software I use how can I do this? It's like creating a new TV channel but I don't want to create...
  2. Gennaro E Turco

    I am happy to be here!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Gennaro Turco and I am a U.S. Disabled Veteran and I served in the USAF for six years. I attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Marketing in 2012 and have more than 10 years experience in all aspects of Marketing and in many different types of...
  3. Abraham DiGiAff

    Hiring Remote Advertiser Manager needed

    Hello Folks Hope you are doing well Urgently looking for Business Development Manager / Advertiser Manager from ad tech at least 2 years Exp. Advertiser Manager Job Role : You have to recruit Direct advertisers/App Developer and make a strong advertiser base. Representing company in meetings...
  4. Calvin Jones

    Steps for Increasing Visibility Online

    Do you want to get visible in the pool of websites? Try the simple tips listed below: These tips and techniques will make your site boost with traffic and will maximize your ROI making you able to enjoy the top rankings. Title Tag Title tags can help you grow your visibility. All you have to...
  5. Sara Diaz

    How do the Trump adminstration impact world ecomony?

    Since we have seen the new policies implemented by Mr. President, we could also see the changes in policies adopted by the government. One thing, which is to be certain that he wants the US citizens to get better jobs, but considering the silicon valley on how it hires, is there any major...
  6. amtrader

    How to Grow Your Business With Storytelling

    THREAD EDITED BY ADMIN: This is a copyrighted piece on the American Express website originally authored by Bruna Martinuzzi President and Founder, Clarion Enterprises Ltd. "The most successful marketers and salespeople are those who have lots of stories to tell about real people who experienced...
  7. S

    Moving to Automated Business Development Solution

    Are there any challenges in moving to an automated Business Development solutions.?