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  1. cladvi

    Make 6 figs even English my 2nd language

    I just saw this bragging thread and feel like awesome to brag when i get chance. so its long story, about 10 years ago i start typing good old google how to work from home business, then wola come up with opportunity call Home based business opportunity and end up with be coming an amazon...
  2. GorillaLeadz

    Bragging with TopOffers

    As everyone does likes to brag from to time (when it's suitable :rolleyes:) these are our numbers since we started with TopOffers (Shoutout to my great AM: Kate) Our niche: Dating Big size: ROI btw (if someone might wonder) is about 70%
  3. Nelly

    Success: Work hard and get from 0 to $10k/month

    As some of you remember I started my "adult dating journey" last year Basicly it was driving free dating traffic from facebook to Medcash Landings like This One(NSFW) And I am still working with that method. Now my stats looks like this 2 month I was on holiday and within other 5 month of...