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  1. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Guys, those who worked with BDB? Hold on my CPA

    How do you like the news, guys? Hold on, am here to help. I own a several offers to run, in binary. CR and EPC are nice. Come on and check it up yourself. Talk to me on CPA. Skype: asudjan
  2. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted CPA? Ping me

    Hey, guys! Looking for fresh cpa make money, bizopp offers? Than, talk to me! We are the brand new cpa- network Adsmarkets In a couple of words about our strong sides: - Smart traffic delivery system, that pushing the traffic to the most convertible broker, based on matching criteria...
  3. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who's looking for Facebook Whitehat offers?

    Hey Fixers, I have some exciting news.... At MonsterAds we've added some great 'Exclusive Whitehat Facebook' offers (Facebook Compliant). One for Biz Opps and the other for eCommerce. The Biz opps converts on a ppl and the eCommerce a free trial. Unfortunately due to the offers being private...
  4. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Make money, bizopp offers. High EPC.

    The biggest network in binary field: BOA Elite | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix GEOs: UK, CA, ZA, NZ, AU, US, DE. We get traffic from all over the world Except- India Bangladesh and Pakistan. Offers: make money, bizopp funnels. This thing converts itself. Monthly\ semimonthly payouts...
  5. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted New Biz Ops, CPI Gaming, Nutra and Dating at MonsterAds

    Hey Fixers, It's been a busy few weeks for MonsterAds since returning from ASE 2016. We've added some great offers available for you. Verticals include: PPL mainstream and adult dating Biz Op Trials CPI Mobile Gaming Desktop mainstream and adult gaming Teeth Whitening Diet Skin Care Trials...
  6. P

    Biz Opportunity Offers and Health Offers

    Hey folks, I have been running with few networks for testing biz opp. offers and health offers for International demographic. Any inputs to see if any biz opp. offers with any particular network is greatly appreciated. Skype - mehdipcals
  7. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted New & Improved Bizop/Binary Rotator!

    New & Improved Bizop/Binary Rotator! Get ready for this updated rotator that now includes binary offers, as well as bizop offers! As with our other rotator campaigns, your traffic will be shown the best offer based on the geo/browser/device/OS the user is coming from! Start sending traffic to...
  8. R

    Affiliates Wanted Unique, Exclusive offer

    We at have a brand new, unique exclusive offer from which is going live on 12/26. Publishers please get signed up here ! We also have 5 completely exclusive Education offers and 2 bizopp offers going live in January that you will not find on any other...
  9. nasser

    which traffic sources that will work for business op

    been For more Then 8 mouths struggling to find traffic source for bizop, i have promote it in bing ads but it wasn't good convention so i'm looking classified as that will match my niche thank you advance.