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  1. Lucian SC

    Announcement Nutra Report Our in-house nutra @BitterStrawberry

    BitterStrawballin’ lately with our in-house nutra. It has been live for 1 month There are people from AffiliateFix that reached us so we’d like to thank and congrat everyone that took in on the action so far! Breaking down April-May and crunching numbers, the best channels for it turned out...
  2. Lucian SC

    Announcement Excellent In-house Nutra (direct advertiser here)

    Affiliates, webmasters, media-buyers, lend me your ears! BitterStrawberry's Protecvital is almost in its first month since we went live with it and it's been putting up huge numbers on the scoreboards. What is Protecvital? It is a fast acting vitality booster developed in-house by us in...
  3. Lucian SC

    Announcement Looking for Nutra traffic (Own offer)

    Hey everyone, we at BitterStrawberry recently launched our own nutra offer - Protecvital. It is a complex health supplement with many vitality enhancing attributes, fully legal with a 24h delivery. Its creatives are handled by our Marketing team in native German. We also put at your...
  4. Lucian SC

    Buying Traffic ZA Banner Traffic wanted!

    Hey everyone. Lucian here - AM @BitterStrawberry. We have some excellent ops at the moment on ZA and we're looking for the best of the best there that have banner traffic there. The offers there are converting like hot cakes for weeks and they're still going strong, so bring your banner...
  5. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Affiliates Wanted Top CPA Payouts for Top CPA Affiliates

    Hi guys, We're having a great time at Bitterstrawberry, making money and pushing traffic where it matters. Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but we were just chosen the Best International CPA Network and we're trying to stay at the top with TOP CONVERTING CPA offers. Our publishers do great in...