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bitcoin price

  1. Honeybadger

    Bitcoin is up $5,000+ in past 10 days

    I've been researching Bitcoin for a new affiliate site project Started tracking BTC prices in USD last week April 05 --> BTC is $57,936.90 April 11 --> BTC is $59,520.60 April 14 --> BTC is $63,268.10
  2. Honeybadger

    Do you trade Bitcoin?

    I'm starting a crypto affiliate website and interested to know who uses bitcoin for trading and/or investment, if you want to add what you use it for, or if you know about Bitcoin affiliate marketing that's great too
  3. R

    Even After the OKEx scandal, there is still Bitcoin price breakout

    In recent times, the price of Bitcoin breakout has come out with the bullish energy being lost. The price of $11.7K a week before; however, the current price can offer different opportunities for the swing traders. A week earlier, Bitcoin price had entered the bullish breakout, amounting to...