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  1. A

    How to promote adult dating offers on bing adds.

    Can anyone Pleas help me by giving me a video tutorialon how to promote dating and adult dating offers on Bing adds.
  2. M

    looking for a mentor!

    Hello, I'm looking for a mentor who is absolutly CRUSHING IT with Bing Ads! My goal is to learn how to create successful campaigns in short periods of time with CPA offers, Pay Per Lead offers or physical products to sell through bing ads. I want to MASTER whatever strategy your doing for...
  3. Jacko014

    Survey Pre-Landers inquiry

    Hi, Fellas how ya'll doin? I recently started the CPA journey was promoting apps and it was pretty good. But i just switched for email submit offers which i see a great future :) for me i'd try Bing ads with MaxBounty offers which are awesome offers, I'll pick Survey offers but the Question is...
  4. wins247

    Bing journey to $500/day

    After a lot of research on affiliate marketing I've decided to take action and start this journey to keep focused as I try to apply what I've read. Day 1: Traffic to begin with: Bing Affiliate platform: Clickbank Signed up with a tracker Selected 2 products in the same niche. Currently...
  5. David Mali

    My First Bing Ads Conversion!

    Hey guys I'm always doing fb ads and having great success with it and i thought why not going with bing ads i've had some bad times with bing ads in the last few years 2 days ago i created a campaign for a CPA offer from Markethealth (Weight loss offer) and after researches for keywords i...
  6. P

    Bing Ad Affilate Marketing Skype group

    Hi everyone, is there any current Skype groups I can join specifically for Bing Ads Affilate Marketing? Finding it time-consuming to keep coming back and forth and waiting for answers. Thanks.