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banner displays

  1. dandelion13

    What do you add in your banner?

    Hi there, I'm currently in the process of creating a banner that my affiliate can use in their advertising and I have no what works best. Should it be about the benefits of my software? or add a discount maybe? maybe I should advertise that we have a free trial available? let me know your...
  2. Refes

    RPM vs. CPM

    The difference is quite sincere: CPM refers back to the fee of purchasing 1,000 ad impressions, while RPM refers back to the sales generated from serving 1,000 ad devices (or from serving 1,000 pages–greater in this distinction under). In lots of instances, those metrics may be nearly equal...
  3. viktor_sch

    Banner network for mobile with fine targeting

    Could anyone please advise a mobile ad network for banners with fine targeting? Euro and Americas traffic prefferably.
  4. J

    Traffic Source For Banner Display Ads for Web

    Please recommend traffic source which specialize in Banner Display Ads on web and which works on CPC format.