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    Ask Me Anything Creatives for mVas: Spy Services and Bonuses

    We have already published a few articles here on affLift on how to work with mVas and why it’s a great vertical for starting out (check them out if you still haven’t), but we still get a lot of questions. So today we decided to dive deeper into what a usual funnel for mVas looks like and where...
  2. D

    Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

    Hello, My name is Dhiren and I am 15 years experience in Corporate Identity & Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Print Media, POP, POS Creative Designing, Outdoor Publicity, Print Design, Creative Graphics, Brochure, Flyer, Logo Design, Poster Design, Info Graphic Design, Label Design, Banner...
  3. P

    Facebook Ad Designer

    Hey guys, Thanks for having me. I'm brand new to the forum and was recommended here by a client. I design Facebook ads for hundreds of clients per year. I've had the pleasure of designing creatives for Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Mike Dillard, Christina El Moussa, Treehouse, Neurogym and more...
  4. Mobidea

    Banners - Tips to Improve Performance

    Having trouble with banners? Don't know much about the key aspects and really need a quick lesson? Then don't wait around and check our Mobidea Academy post. The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
  5. Nasir Uddin

    What Is the Best Free Flash Or Static Mobile/Web Banner Maker for CPC/CPM Campaign?

    Like I said on the title - What Is the Best Free Flash Or Static Mobile/Web Banner Maker for CPC/CPM Campaign? - Any Online Banner Maker tool you personally used or still using? Please name it. - Any Tool to do it swiftly and professionally you recommend? Please. - Tools those are free. :)...