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    Greetings! IOVECT here!

    Hi everyone, This is literally IOVECT, which engaging baby-related products and pursue ecommerce as our career. This is also a company account, but you can communicate with me anytime and consider me as an individual :) My company really want to improve our performance, thus I was pushed to try...
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    Looking for affiliate partners to join our LEETCHI Affiliate Program

    Hi, Glad to join you all! I'm Kasia and I manage affiliate Program in the UK. I'm looking for partners to join our Affiliate Program and promote our service. affiliation (dot) leetchi (dot) com/en About is the leading European crowdfunding and fundraising...
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    10% commission on every sale 2017

    Dear Affiliate, In order to improve our business we are creating an affiliate program. If you want to make $$$ register here 1- After that take your link eg : 2- Promote it in your pages and groups. 3- Every sale you get...
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    Affiliates Wanted KidsCasting

    Hello ! My name is Kristers Grinbergs and I am representing Casting Dynamics LLC. I got very special offer for you ! It’s been a huge SUCCESS for selected affiliates who got on board already ! So the special offer is - Get $ 50 for each new customer who purchases any...