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  1. Sergei Levin

    Looking for B2B - SaaS affiliates | BuzzGuru - all-in-one influencer marketing platform

    Hey, guys! BuzzGuru is all-in-one influencer marketing software solution (SaaS B2B). We invite experienced and novice affiliates to our affiliate program. Affiliates commission is 20-40% of all referral payments lifetime. If you have any business audience, let's work together. We can discuss...
  2. Alex PromoRepublic

    Best White Hat B2B Social Media Management tool Affiliate Program!

    Hey guys! PromoRepublic is on board! A super easy and profitable affiliate program for you to work with. PromoRebublic is the team behind the social media management platform with 100,000 social media templates and automatic posting for small businesses, marketers, agencies, and freelancers...
  3. Maxim Z

    Looking for Affiliates and Country resellers worldwide.

    PublBox is web-based Social Media Management Tool Kit for small business, freelancers and self-employed. Affiliates commission is 30 % of all referral payments lifetime. Country dealership is advanced sales partnership with commitments and related extra perks...
  4. T

    seeking affiliates for B2B product - logo creation product

    hi all, I work as affiliate manger at Tailor Brands affiliate program. Tailor brands is a leading AI platform for logo and branding feature creation. The logo creation industry is still very young but has already a very interesting search volume and not yet too crowded in affiliates. The logo...