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    [ADVICE NEEDED] Revcontent Compliant Landing Pages

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I just got my ad campaign approved on Revcontent(took 7 days lol). However, I want to make some changes on my landing page. I want to rephrase some things and link to a different VSL. (Health/Fitness niche) Will this prompt my content to go through another...
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    Why does Maxbounty ask if I used Proxy when signup as affiliate

    I signed up as Maxbounty affiliate then they called me for a phone interview and asked why I used proxy to signup. I was very surprised because I've never setup any proxy on my Laptop. I answered him that I didn't use proxy but then he hang up immediately, few seconds later I got an email notify...
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    The Networks Approval Process - Removing the fear!

    As someone who works for a CPA network and spends a fair amount of time in affiliate forums, I've noticed that a lot of people are very nervous about the process that networks use to check out anyone who applies to join. I thought it would be a good idea to post a thread to explain to people who...