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  1. René Wagner

    Still confused about tracking!?

    Im still confused, why should i use tracking tools like adsbridge or (on my landingpage) if i can use google analytics and the statistics from my affiliate network? Can anyone explain me the advantage of these tools? I dont understand the logic haha thanks alot!
  2. C

    Simulating Facebook Mobile App traffic

    Recently I got a private offer with a good rate. However, there is a special requirement: the traffic must coming from Facebook Mobile App. It sounds a bit strange, but the reason is, the advertiser has some positive bias on Facebook. So the "official way" is to promote the offer by buying...
  3. C

    Hiding PPC traffic from analytic tools

    When buying PPC ads, the traffic will be identified as "display traffic" by online analytics tools (e.g. For example, if I buy a lot of PPC ads from PropellerAds, everyone can check my website profile on and know that most of the traffic is "display traffic" with...