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  1. IrakliC

    Africa, cryptocurrencies, push-notifications: how to earn $1235 in 3 weeks

    Moving from Financial Brazil to Crypto-South Africa. In this case study, the advertiser didn’t miss the opportunity to play on people’s desire to get rich. So, he actually didn’t and earned $1235 in 3 weeks. Read below to learn how. Offer: Bitcoin code (CPA) Period: 26.08-15.09 TS: Kadam...
  2. Richard Mwangi

    Just signed too Amazon Affiliate what next

    I recently decided to try Amazon affiliate since click bank is not working in my country, the problem am sure I will be encounter is most people from Africa don't believe in online marketing.most of them belive its a scam.i have never been to any other country.kindly advice me on this journey
  3. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Adult click-to-call for Africa and Middle East - really hot!

    Adult pay per call offers with crazy ECPM up to $35! Pick your flow: CPA (per call) or Revshare (per call duration). This is the best way EVER to monetize you adult Arab and African pop and push traffic. Pre-made banners, top segments - we give all you everything you need to start earning. Get...
  4. B

    Affiliate networks for mobile CPA offers ?

    Hello Guyes i need some affiliate networks that provide lot of mobile cpa offers in Asia and Africa
  5. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted MENA mobile offers: KW, EG, AE, OM and more

    Hi fixers! Are there any affiliates here promoting Middle East and North Africa? WapEmpire's got lots of mobile cpa offers, most of them good as hell: great CR, attractive landings and the best payouts, both adult and mainstream. MENA is one of the most underestimated mobile cpa regions...

    Affiliate Marketing Forums around the globe

    Hi everybody, did someone of you heard about Affiliate Marketing Forums, specializing in - LatAm - Africa - Asia - Middle-East Thanks guys!