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    Review CASE: Exclusive Affmy offers with TacoLoco in the US with 30% ROI

    Traffic Source: TacoLoco Advertising format: Push notifications Period: 11.11.21 — 25.11.21 Network: Affmy Offers: Smartlink Cost: $1685.41 Revenue: $2205.2 Profit: $519.79 ROI: 30,84% HOW TO CHOOSE A TRAFFIC SOURCE We have been working with TacoLoco for a long time and can mark the...
  2. Affmy

    Buying Leads We buy E-mail traffic on API CPC!

    Hello! Do you want to increase revenue from your email base? You can earn additional cash by monetizing email users with our exclusive API offers - LookADate and Matchsniper: What do we offer? - get up to $0.50 for each unique user - effective flow: 1-click user registration - no...
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    Announcement ️Black Friday Deals at Affmy ️

    Hey Guys, Black Friday is almost upon us and we are feeling generous here at Affmy! Don’t miss a 10% rate increase on our exclusive offers: Offers are valid on 23-25 November and available with special Black Friday banners, pre-landers, and best...
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    Affiliates Wanted Black Friday + 10% rate boost!

    Dear Affiliates! Join the movement and gain great profit on 23 - 25th of November! Higher rates for the BEST DEALS for everyone! +10% Rates Increase for Affmy exclusive offers: As a bonus, you will get exclusive native banners for users &...
  5. Affmy

    Affiliates Wanted +10% Singles Day 11.11 Rate Increase

    Hey-hey, On November, 11 AFFMY celebrates Singles Day, one of the most popular holidays in Asia! Your adult products sales will rocket up! Earn more with +10% rate increase on our exclusive in-house Asian CPL offer! Ping our Support & Increase your CTR and CR with our special...
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    Buying Traffic Gay Traffic wanted

    If you have GAY traffic - sell it to us. And you'll get a lot of money, good erection and happiness. :cool: Please ping us on skype - live:affmy_1
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    Affiliates Wanted Extra-Rate for new dating MIFsense

    Hey guys, We are happy to announce: we launched another new Exclusive DATING OFFER! This time, MILF niche – high converting and the most preferred dating category by payable users. The greatest thing is, the offer goes together with ready & custom-built unique funnels which are carefully...