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  1. H

    Affkit Sign up

    Hello everyone, just registered here to ask how can i sign up in Affkit? Tried to find answer on forum thread's but without results :( Thanks for explanation :)
  2. Make Money With CPA

    Support affkit Tool GEO Redirection is not working

    Hello AFFKIT i have affkit tool and i try to use GEO Redirection i follow the instruction i uploaded the geo-redirection file in my hosting but when i open the url this message will appear but this URL is not redirected i try to contact affkit support but the message is not send when i...
  3. Marck Brown

    Affkit? I can't find a working link anywhere

    Hello, I was curious to access Affkit. The only link i could find was for a special that seems to have ended in April. If anyone knows how to sign up for kit I'd really appreciate it.
  4. xxClicks

    Affkit - subscription issue

    Hello Not sure if this is the right place, but i'm having issue with my subscription of Affkit. I have signed-up today and paid the subscription fee. But haven't received login credentials. Reached out to Affkit team, but no response yet. Any suggestions where and whom to reachout to? Thanks!
  5. sinam10

    what is affkit alternative tool ?

    Hello , Can't login affkit .. and need the tools rapidly any suggestion to another mobile codes like aff kit ? any mobile ad network with performance ? |thnx