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  1. Becky J

    Official Need Help on Christmas Promotion!

    My boss set a high sales target for me on Christmas Promotion. As you know, sells adult sex dolls, many people are disgusted with adult products, I don't know how to recruit more affiliates and increase our affiliate program sales value in such a short time, do you have any good...
  2. Chris CpaHall

    Affiliates Wanted Offers for good quality traffic providers!!!

    There are so many networks and so many affiliates on planet earth, but after all the available networks and good offers, it's a hard thing to manage new affiliates who has a good quality traffic, who won't do fraud and whose payment will not be on hold and no complains from the vendors will be...
  3. yapi

    Looking for traffic in hosting niche or coupon sites

    Greetings, I'm looking for affiliates in hosting niche or coupon sites for our affiliate program - Bluebird Hosting, a leading Canadian web hosting brand. Any affiliates interested in learning more about the program. Please contact me via skype: yapi.tayeng Thank you,
  4. yapi

    Affiliates needed for a leading Canadian web hosting affiliate program

    Hello Everyone, This is Yapi, I'm an affiliate manager who has recently joined affiliatefix in search of some potential affiliates for our business/affiliate programs. Currently, I'm looking for affiliates interested in promoting Canadian Web Hosting affiliate program. Anyone willing, please...
  5. K

    Getting Back to Affiliate Marketing

    Hi, I just got back to working on some affiliate marketing stuff. I used to work as an Affiliate Relations Officer before with a US-based OPM company. And now with my current AU client working on a new product (board game) and planning on launching an affiliate program I'm back on looking at...
  6. Win Pong

    Affiliate, CPS, Fashion

    Responsible for ShareASale & Webgains affiliate program. How to recruit publishers quick for affiliate program? And How to let them reply email to join in?
  7. Crazysavings4u

    New here! Looking for affiliates

    Hello, We are looking for affiliates to market our products. Product ranges from electronics, toys, gifts, novelties, home decor, jewelry and so much more! Our website is crazysavings4u Commission rate is 20-25% per sale generated! Affiliate sign-up link is on our home page. Any questions...
  8. SexTech

    Affiliates Wanted Recruiting Sex-Positive Affiliates

    Hi People! I'm Henk! I want to recruit 1000 affiliates for my affiliate program over the next two months. I am currently exploring paid options. If you know a company or work at a company that can recruit sex-positive affiliates to sell interactive luxury pleasure products, please leave a...