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  1. coolspot19

    Getting Listed On An Affiliate Network

    I know there are a ton of affiliate networks on AF, and this seems to be something that isnt really covered anywhere on the internet so I think it could be a useful resource. Can any of the Affiliate networks let us know the steps to get an e-commerce site listed on your platform, steps to get...
  2. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    Hello All, Looking around I see a lot of affiliates on here and this has caused me to wonder... Do any of you here run your own network or are thinking about it? If so, what are your biggest concerns and what types of features get you excited when it comes to performance marketing...
  3. Offerit-John

    Looking For Affiliate Networks or E-commerce Retailers to Demo Offerit platform

    Hi Folks, I wanted to drop in and provide a bit of information on our Affiliate Marketing SaaS Platform, Offerit. The technology behind the Offerit platform has been in use within the affiliate tracking industry for over 10 years. Offerit was developed during 2011 to bring this technology a...