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affiliate marketing glossary.

  1. AdsEmpire

    Basic Affiliate Marketing Abbreviations and Acronyms to Know

    Are you interested in a detailed Affiliate Marketing Glossary? Look at this list of abbreviations used in affiliate marketing, such as CTR, CR, EPC, CPC, etc. Affiliate marketing has a lot of terminology and acronyms that might be difficult to understand for those who are just getting started...
  2. zeropark

    Official Check out Zeropark's new learning resources!

    Hey guys, Beginnings can be overwhelming. But it's okay to have 100 questions before applying to a new ad network. o_O At Zeropark, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing before starting your first campaign. To reflect that, we've recently improved our...
  3. S

    Difference between case study and interview?

    Recently,I have noticed that some blogger writes case study and interview in their blog. But,I do not understand what is difference between two terms. Please,define this two terms.