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  1. C

    I'm an affiliate marketer and owner of a coupon site

    I've more than 7 years of affiliate marketing experience and own a coupon site where currently I'm promoting US based offers via organic search and pay per click on google and bing. But I'm also looking for the promotion in Europe and UK and if any experienced or fresh individual interested in...
  2. Chris CpaHall

    Buying Traffic Good quality offers are all waiting!!!

    A great number of offers with very high conversion of almost every niches are added to our new interface. Want affiliates with good quality traffic along with volume. Skype: chris@cpahall
  3. Emily

    What qualities make a great affiliate marketer?

    Affiliate marketing can be tough, some people can be extremely successful, while others find it hard to even get started. Although there's a lot of contributing factors to ones success, what 3 qualities would you say make up a great affiliate marketer? I'll start off by saying; - focused -...