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  1. harnur

    HOW to save tax in affiliate marketing?

    Hello, I am from India. All the advertisement companies that I work with..ask for top-up in USD currency. But all the banks in my country charge 4-5% currency conversion tax for international transactions(USD, EURO etc). And 5% TCS tax for foreign transactions. And since i am doing it on a...
  2. Bruno Semedo

    Conversion Rate

    Hi, I wanted to know how Conversion Rate in affiliate marketing works. When choosing a product to promote what should I take in consideration?
  3. parveenk2013

    Need Help In Scaling Up An Adult Dating Campaign

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to affiliate marketing and I want to share the data of a campaign I started this month and I'm looking for suggestions. After some research, I started a campaign on 16th May. I created 7 banners and 3 LPs to get started. Offer: Adult Dating DOI, Payout: $5...
  4. TheValueneer

    Hi from Germany

    Hey, everyone! I'm glad I can join the community and find great and helpful threads and I'll also try my best to help others where I can. I started with affiliate marketing half a year ago and built my own website and getting my first results now. Excited to learn more about this business...

    RedTrack Thanksgiving deal: subscription plan for free for 1 month

    Thanksgiving everyone :) It’s time to cut the turkey and say thank you to all your beloved Our team also wants to thank all of you for choosing RedTrack and the valuable feedback you give us Till December 10 refer 3 of your friends to RedTrack till December 10 and get - 10% from the sum of...