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  1. Win Pong

    Affiliate, CPS, Fashion

    Responsible for ShareASale & Webgains affiliate program. How to recruit publishers quick for affiliate program? And How to let them reply email to join in?
  2. TrafficRoots

    TrafficRoots Intro

    TrafficRoots is an innovative advertising technology company. We create technology to maximize revenue for the digital ecosystem with an emphasis on the Cannabis industry. Building, breaking, and bettering technology at extraordinary scale is our secret to staying at the forefront of innovation...
  3. Diana EvoLeads

    Hello Everybody!

    Hi! My name is Diana, I'm Affiliate Manager for EvoLeads. It is a pleasure to meet you all and see so many active minds in one place! I'd be very happy to get to know you better and for those interested to run our offers, please don't hesitate in letting me know! :) Thanks!
  4. Sujon Mondol

    want to learn affiliate marketing by any means

    Hello Everyone, I have just signed up into this forum. I am very new here. I am an email marketer. I know how to inbox, I mean I know inboxing procedures. But I don't know something I need to know below. My question is how affiliate marketer sends 50,000 emails per day? How do they gets so...
  5. P

    Looking for affiliates

    I am looking for affiliates for my (adult) website. If you have any ideas about the best way to recruit affiliates, let me know. I have been told to 'post of forums' but I also don't want to risk being kicked off a forum because I didn't post it correctly! Ive also been told that there are...