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  1. affani

    Ask Me Anything New offer from us

    New offers have just arrived: • CindyMatches - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • EroticMadness - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ. Click Here for more information write to us!
  2. vickhoff

    Looking for BE & JP adult traffic

    Hello i want to buy begium or japan adult traffic, can spend about 2k for JP and 500$ for BE, (dating offer). EDIT: adformats: popunders/desktop GEOS: JP,DE,BE,CH stream: Adult traffic only thnx.
  3. Costolleumus

    Monetize Free Adult Traffic?

    Hi all, Recently I discovered pretty neat way to bring adult traffic to any page. There is at any point of time of the day about 10 visitors on page, 95% Tier 1 traffic (US about 50%-60%) they stay average about 2min on page. This is all for maybe 2 hours of setup, can be easily scaled up...
  4. Shahjahan Sazal

    What is most important part for adult website seo?

    Hello, I want to know what is the most important part for porn website seo. Onpage or Offpage? Please suggest me about it. Thanks.
  5. Evelyn

    Announcement Video Pre-roll now available at TrafficStars!

    Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce that our Video Pre Roll ad format was launched today! The format is a video ad of up to 15 seconds, which plays before the content and allows users to skip the ad after six seconds. Starting today, the format is live worldwide, on mobile and desktop...
  6. Evelyn

    Event Meet TrafficStars at the Webmaster Access!

    The TrafficStars team will be at the Webmaster Access and we're looking forward to meeting you! Schedule a meeting with our team to hear all about: Taking advantage of all the new tools and platform updates we are rolling out; New Publishers, Ad Spots and GEO opportunities; Integration with...
  7. Pranto

    Buying Traffic Need Adult CPA traffic source Help from Pro

    Hello, I'm an adult cpa marketer .now I'm using craiglist traffics to my pps iFrame offers.I do email marketing using craiglist w4m leads.But I want to move from this traffics SO, is there any one who can help me for traffics ?like media buy, or make adult blogs ?Just need a proper guide for...
  8. S

    Scaling Paid Traffic Advice Needed

    Hey Guys I've seen a lot of you guys proposing the paid traffic way, but how do you raise the budget to scale the method into paid. Please help a newbie