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  1. vvchat

    Network Wanted Any Adult CPS Networks?

    Are there any affiliate networks with adult specific? So far I mostly find CPM/CPC networks which may be fine for publishers but not for advertisers :ninja: Thanks for advice!
  2. Nongmaithem Archna

    What is the best adult affiliate network for advertiser?

    What are the best adult affiliate networks (live cams, dating ...)? I want to join as an advertiser. If there is any network with no fee at registration, please let me know that too. I will appreciate any suggestion. Thank you.
  3. mouyanali

    incentive networks for Adult CPA.

    can any one tell me the best incentive networks for adult CPA, CPL offers. i want any incentive networks that allow Adult CPA.
  4. Asare

    Adultmoda traffic

    Hi, I have recently started buying traffic on Adultmoda, however it seems that their redirect traffic hasnt at all worked for me (same as Admoda where I also buy traffic). Has anyone else had the same issues? I do not know that their Banners traffic has been working ok for me, but I always...
  5. MLMatteo

    Hello Affiliate Fixers

    Hi all. I am an affiliate manager at Money Lovers. We specialize in adult dating and cam offers. Always looking for new affiliates who can send good, clean traffic using any method you would like. We always pay weekly and have many good free trial/cc submit offers. We also have a referral...
  6. MarinaKimia


    Hey all, Want to attend the ‪Affiliate Summit West‬´16 in ‪Vegas‬ ? Just follow the simple instructions below @ the ‪AWasia‬ (Affiliate World Asia) in BKK ... and WIN A PASS! Get your mobiles ready! See you there! (Remember, market table B-18)
  7. Click Forward

    Hi, mates! Nice to e-meet you!

    Nice to e-meet you! I’m interested in media-buying :entrepreneurfix: I'm focused at adult vertical! Now I work for Clickfoward Network,which is very interesting in terms of payouts! I was happy to find Afilliatefix, Because the experience of you, mates, is precious… The same as mine ;)...
  8. Jeff_Z

    Best Adult Network(s) for small, uncommon geos?

    Hi everyone, We have a desktop banner campaign to run for a product where we want to target people in Tajikistan and UAE. We are having issues finding a network with enough inventory in these two geos, especially Tajikistan (not really a surprise). We've looked at Exo, Ero, Juicy and Junky...
  9. Daria_WapEmpire

    Official PayV

    Daria_WapEmpire submitted a new resource: WapEmpire - Mobile CPA network that converts worldwide mobile traffic Read more about this resource...