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  1. TopOffers

    Affiliates Wanted Interested to make more with dating?

    Hello y’all, TopOffers is looking for big seasoned affiliates, who have broken the record of 5-10K monthly to promote exclusive dating offers! 50+Geos, PPL up to $12 SOI, PPS up to $220, 80% Revshare. Timely payouts and no limits on volume! We can pay A LOT as long as traffic is good...
  2. A

    Get paid for senting adults url

    Now here is a new option , get paid for senting urls, you get your credit when someone opens yours shrink adults url, Get your account now , you can add the url,s in your website ,blog ,social media etc , the adult url programe is new ,hurry , Follow the link Contact me
  3. Affiliateaspirant

    Adult CPA Marketers Reunite

    Hello All Affiliate Marketers working in adult Dating niche. Can we come across altogether here? We can share knowledge and help each other making more money?? May be privately on Skype?
  4. ishop6dotnet

    Just got my payout today $241

    Yaay its Friday and i got my payout of $241 great start of the weekend This affiliate website is for a adult cam website What i did to earn $241? i startet to connect with people on twitter .
  5. richnlp

    Adult Affiliate Master Glad to be Here

    Hello everybody, here! Glad to be a part of this terrific affiliate forum. I have many years expertise in the adult affiliate industry, and am never shy about teaching, giving tips, or thirsting for more knowledge.