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  1. S

    Does Adfox stop their service?

    Hi, I am a freshman in Facebook advertising.I wonder can you guys use now? I paid for trail but got nothing, no information about how to register and login. I called them on Skype, no one answered, same with their contact email. Can someone tell me what happened?
  2. Benrefaat

    What is the best spying tool ?

    Hey I'm new to CPA and I have a problem with spying tools I need spying tool with low price. a lot of marketers prefer adfox, but the tool website doesn't work with me could you please help me with your experience with spying tools Thank you
  3. banksy, I need login details!

    Hi everybody, sorry for this confused title, but I just would like to know if someone tried this site before. Two days before I bought the trial plan '$1' for 3 days throught the Discounts page here to test some FB campaigns and I paid by paypal through Dealguardian. They sent to my email the...
  4. azgold

    Bug AdFox Coupon Not Working?

    Someone tried to sign up using the AdFox discount coupon but apparently the code was not valid? Any used | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix