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  1. O

    [Introduction - I'm a publisher]

    Hello, I do manage an online converter with good & huge traffic. I joined this forum to discover new ways on how to monetize the traffic and learn from the experience of the different members :) Some information about the website: 15m impressions per months 50k users daily 7.8 page per session...
  2. BhaveshADAffTech

    How can we get Ad Placement Image from Google AdWords

    Is it possible to get Ad Placement Screenshot while we promote any mobile application campaign on Google AdWords traffic?
  3. V

    Special offer - in March we double your pay-out

    Drive your springtime revenue growth with vi stories. You can sign up straight away , or message me if you have questions. Once you hit the magic $1000 revenue threshold you’ll qualify for double earnings. vi stories delivers monetizeable, contextual video content to your site. It improves...
  4. V

    Ask Me Anything The importance of video advertising and the right context

    Website owners can now benefit from myriad ways to engage consumers via video content, including new contextual opportunities provided by the emerging formats of video inventory on offer. However, formats alone are not enough to improve effectiveness; the environment in which the video is...