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  1. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Adsterra's Traffic on Play Regal Offer Yields Impressive 360% ROI

    Join KJ Rocker, the affiliate marketing coach, as he reveals a compelling case study. Prepare to explore his success story, highlighting impressive ROI achieved through Adsterra's substantial traffic and an enticing iGaming offer from Yellana and Social Bar Ad Format. Offer name: Play Regal CPL...
  2. HilltopAds

    Official New Year’s Marketing Ideas

    Why some advertisers thrive on winter holiday season while others lose their budget? What are the latest NY’s marketing trends that advertisers should consider? And what role does creativity play in determining the success of ad campaigns? There are so many questions and so few answers. In this...
  3. Andreas - Mirelia

    Guide Best Ad Formats for Dating Vertical

    Dating is an essential attribute of our lives, to satisfy our needs and desires, meet someone special or have a great time. We need love and attention, as humans are social beings and that is why dating will never fade, unlike many other verticals. Interest in dating (especially online) has...

    [FREE e-Book] Trending Advertising Formats 2019

    The end of a year is the perfect time to review the trends of the affiliate industry and to make some predictions. Download free e-Book “Trending Advertising Formats: 2018 — 2019”, and learn the major trends in online advertising shared with you by top-performing Ad Networks and industry...
  5. MarinaKimia

    Announcement App Developers! New SDK launched.

    Kimia announces the launch of the new brand dedicated to app developers "The Cactus Road". A digital marketing agency focused on bringing together premium publishers and advertisers in a global marketplace. The company is founded and engineered by industry veterans from a premium online...
  6. PopUnderTOTAL


    PopUnderTOTAL is a branch of DRS Media. We are a reputable ad agency which acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers since 2010. We currently have around 297 ad campaigns which would match your website content. For more information feel free to visit our official webpage...
  7. Giles ExoClick

    Announcement ExoClick has 2 new ad formats

    Sticky banner - A display banner that can be made to ‘stick’ in a specific position on a desktop screen, 9 positions are available. The sticky banner comes in various sizes. Notification bar - A bar that sits at the top of the desktop screen and is similar to the browser notification bars. The...