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  1. Emmawantstolearn

    Is there a Tool Or a Website For Publishing With Multiple Ad Networks?

    Hi everyone, Is there a tool or a website that allows you to publish your creatives on multiple Ad Networks like Taboola, Revcontent, Adclicku, PropellerAds, RichAds, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, etc? If this kind of tool doesn't exist, then wouldn't it be nice / convenient to create one...
  2. aodaili

    Ask Me Anything Looking for the advertiser account agency of the native ad network!

    Hi, I am looking for the native advertising to run the nutra. I want the advertiser account agency of these native ad networks, outbrain, plista, adnow, etc. Is anyone here can do it? Please contact me, thanks!
  3. Alexey Ruban

    How much creatives per week do you test?

    I make ad creatives for fb, and don't know how much creatives I need to de for my clients per day
  4. Dumedia Network

    DuMedia Ad Network / CPM popup / low prices

    Hello! We are DuMedia Ad Network and we have a lot of WW traffic for adult and mainstream! Min deposit is only 100$, we have usefull platform and personal manager to every advertiser! Bids for remnant traffic starts at 0.1$ CPM.
  5. marketerLevi

    Fresh start - recommended ad agencies?

    Hello all, I'm Levi in the US west coast. I need some advice badly regarding which ad agencies are recommended - more specifically for CPA web-based lead gen or mobile advertising; and I'm talkin' good quality lead-gen, and not any incentivized / forced click scammy sort of network either (I'm...