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account terminated

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    Google Ads Account Suspended

    I received an email from google ads service telling me that an ad campaign is disapproved. I received this email on 25th of this month. Then I received the above email next day. I got my google ads account suspended.I didn't view this email before the account was suspended. I paused this ad...
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    Question About Max Bounty Account Termination Re-Appeal

    They there! Just found out about this forum when I was researching about this topic. Got a lot of information from other topics in this forum! Will try my best to contribute to this forum! :) Now I just have some questing to other users of this forum who are affiliate at MB and Whose account...
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    My maxbounty account is terminated

    Hi , Why my account is terminated?? I am running compaign on social media sites . I am paying from my pockets for compaign . I have 6 year experience in this field and also working with clickbank and with peerfly. I am shocked very very very shocked. I almost spent $150 from my pockets for...