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7search ads

  1. shafi kasmani

    My Journey With 7search | Goal - $50 Per DAY

    Yesterday I deposited $50 + $25 Bonus from Thanks to @LukePeerFly Goal - $50 Per Day Shareasale Program - Web Hosting Product - $225 Per Sale Today I made 1 Campaign keywords - 18 lists Ads - 1 ads Bid - $0.01 to $0.05! Devices - Desktop Only Country - US only Any questions come...
  2. leadinfo1980

    Need Help on 7Search and Peerfly CPA offers

    Hello Folks, I am new in 7search and want to know how its working with peerfly direct offerlink ? Any one help me Thanks
  3. gregplatt

    7search send me Fake clicks

    Hello earners, Actually i have very bad experience with 7search ads, i got an account and spent money ,my first campaign got 26 clicks with no conversion even a single click for the landing page button ! so i thought it's my fault and i let this campaign run for 4 days and every day i got...