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    My first CPA Conversion !!

    hi,... please guide me ..iam new to cpa max bounty.... kindly guide me .. how to get clicks ... plz me out.. thanx waiting fr ur reply.. :) regards
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    My Adsense earnings!

    ow that is great... please guide me to the target .. i wanna share a screen shot like this too :).... i have my ADSENSE account ... plz guide me .. direction of effort ... and ill try to gv my best
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    From $500 per month to $5000 per month and growing!

    thats really awsm to hear that from you .. can you guide me .. im new to network and i have recently got max bounty account ...what should i do as my first step.. i own a website.. have driven traffic on it .. wanna do it like free traffic reach .. i mean ... just as a start.. then wen ill be...
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    Almost $6K in just 18 days!

    hi congrats .... have got reaaly motivated wd ur earning.. am new to cpa and need help in doing as good as you have .. kindly guide me .. i am member of max bounty .. cpa network.. thanx waiting fr ur reply anxiously ... thanxx regards//:)