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  1. Luke_14

    Network Wanted Best COD Network for Asia??

    Hi Does anyone know of any good COD affiliate networks targeting Asia? Looking for COD offers targeting Taiwan and Vietnam ETC. There used to be a good one called magic hygeia but they seem to have gone. Thanks
  2. Luke_14

    Zeroparks Estimates Way Off

    Hey everyone, Thought I would share something I am experiencing at the moment. Zeropark is good generally. However I have suddenly starting have some annoyances. On their volume calculator is shows the country, volume and price for certain filters. This is all good and looks great. However...
  3. Luke_14

    Voluum Tracking Impressions from Airpush

    Hi I started a campaign on Airpush today. I noticed that my Voluum was tracking all the impressions from Airpush and not the actual clicks. In my traffic sources the option to track impressions for Airpush is NOT selected. I have no clue why this is doing this, unless Airpush is literally...
  4. Luke_14

    Voluum With Bing Ads New URL Formats

    Hi, I am using Voluum to track my campaigns. When I create a new campaign in bing ads and come to create the ads, I'm getting confused where each URL should go. In the FINAL URL input, that should be the offer page URL without any of my affiliate links attached etc??? The FINAL URL shouldn't...