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  1. vladc

    Hello AffiliateFX members!

    Hi - I've reached out to you at this email - let me know if it worked this time :D
  2. vladc

    Hello AffiliateFX members!

    Hi! I've sent you an email using the contact form on your website. Let me know if you received the email.
  3. vladc

    Hello AffiliateFX members!

    thank you for the warm welcome, guys! :D
  4. vladc

    Official SEO-ARMY

    Exclusive Offer! For a limited time only, we have a 30% Off for the members of this Forum (this is because we love this place!!!) Just use the coupon code affiliatefixmember when you order! Click Here To Order
  5. vladc

    What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

    Absolutely no difference if you ask me. Many say that black hat is stuff that the search engines do not like, white hat is stuff that search engines like and...gray hat (LOL) - something that's in between. Kewl - lemme explain why I totally disagree. Mainly because it MAKES NO SENSE. Think...
  6. vladc

    How to speed up the website speed?

    Are you using Wordpress? If so, buy a plugin called WP fastest cache - It does everything Hostingsafety said for you. Also, try using a CDN (content delivery network - basically you load a website to the network, and then when a user accesses your site it loads from a server nearest to the...
  7. vladc

    Which Off Page SEO techniques 2017?

    Social signals... very very important these days!
  8. vladc

    How to reduce the bounce rate?

    If you have a high bounce rate it can mean 3 things: 1) your landing page is bad (it is slow, it is not related to the search, it is not engaging and so on) 2) you are buying traffic from crappy sources 3)you are buying traffic from good sources, but you buy the wrong kind of traffic - for...
  9. vladc

    Which is the best tips to increase more backlinks?

    Depends - For what type of site? If it is a local site, try to build citations. I love to use those for my clients - sometimes I rank them only with that - very effective if done right.
  10. vladc

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates

    Greetings, I need affiliates to promote a recently launched product. I do not have an email list in this niche, and I think this course could really help a lot of people trying to make a buck online. The product in question is a very comprehensive and detailed SEO tutorial, that comes along...
  11. vladc

    Hello AffiliateFX members!

    Greetings everyone, My name is Vlad, I am a Webdesigner and SEO Wizard (meaning that I make stuff happen). I have recently launched a video course (ebook coming later) teaching others how to make a living online with SEO - I cover anything from affiliate SEO to local SEO so if you want to...
  12. vladc

    Official SEO-ARMY

    Hi Delton, Yes, you can! Go ahead, give it a try and if you think we didn’t provide enough value for your buck, get in touch and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked!
  13. vladc

    Official SEO-ARMY

    vladc submitted a new resource: SEO-ARMY - An over the shoulder video course (over 5 hours long), for anyone serious about making money online Read more about this resource...
  14. vladc


    What is SEO-ARMY? SEO ARMY is first and foremost a community that was created around the best SEO tutorial there is. We don’t just sell you a product and see you on your way: after you go trough the course, you will be able to easily get answers to all your questions on our Facebook community...